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Montana Dirt Girls

Tour de Fat - Sept. 3rd!

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Missoula! Oil your bike chain and press the polyester, Tour de Fat is back for its sixth season of freewheelin' fun. Two parts bike ruckus and one part circus (with a healthy twist of carnie madness thrown in), Tour de Fat has been raising funds for cycling nonprofits and environmental advocacy groups since the year 2000.

This year the rubber hits the turf at Carras Park on September 3rd from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm. After a costumed bike parade (read: rolling freak show) through town at 11 am, participants will return to the meadow for an afternoon of New Belgium beers, bands and the Art Bike Extravaganza.
For musical accompaniment, Born In The Flood and Oakhurst will entertain. The side stage acts Handsome Little Devils and Safety Team will captivate and amaze.

All proceeds from beer and merchandise sales will benefit Mountain Bike Missoula and Missoula in Motion.

So, come on down and enjoy your friends and neighbors, celebrate the brilliant simplicity of your bike, and help raise money for the betterment of Missoula. Captain Ballyhoo and Maestro Mateo will be there - and they're anything but square.

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